About Abverbis

Abverbis offers linguistic services such as translation, edit, proofreading and text adaptation from English into Swedish for translation agencies and companies around the world – with efficiency, reliability and confidentiality.

The company was started as a sole proprietorship in 2001 and was converted in 2013 to the limited liability company Abverbis. The name Abverbis comes from Latin ab verbis, which means “through words”.


Abverbis is owned and run by me, Victoria Marklund. I have a Diploma in Business Communication from IHM Business School in Stockholm. I also have several years’ experience from different medical device companies. Before I became a full time translator, I worked for many years as an inhouse translator for a global medical device company. Before this, I worked with for instance marketing, proofreading, text editing, PR and advertisement in various positions and companies.

I specialize mainly on medical device and medicine, patient related material and marketing texts, but also on i.a. text production for web sites, social media, newsletters, customer magazines and brochures. During the years, I have made many test translations for customers all over the world and always received top grades. This is proofed by the fact that I presently have some 70 regularly returning clients.

Abverbis translation edit proofreading text adaptation

Services offered

  • translation
  • proofreading
  • editing
  • linguistic quality assurance
  • local adaptation
  • text production
  • copywriting


Subjects of expertise

  • medicine
  • medical device
  • medical research
  • marketing and PR