A final text of high quality is my best advertisement. I only translate into my mother tongue, Swedish, and only in subject matters I feel comfortable with. I believe in doing things right from the start – because a happy customer is a returning customer. To this end, I strive for long-term relationships with my clients, so that I, as a writer and translator, can learn about the company’s products, technology and preferred terminology. This will make it easier for me to do a good job and in the end be more cost-effective for the client.


A translation mainly consists of an initial translation, a read-through and fine adjustment of the text, a spell-check and a final quality assurance.


I use various types of computer assisted translation software (“CAT tools”) under the slogan “never translate the same sentence twice”. Such tools means that completed translations are saved in a client and product specific translation memory, which can later be reused for similar projects or updates. This saves me time and the client money.

Examples of such software are for instance SDL Trados Studio, Wordfast Pro, MemoQ or the cloud based Translation Workspace.

For quality assurance, I mainly use Apsic Workbench or Verifika.