About translation

Translation and text adaptation from one language into another is a qualified service with requires good cooperation and responsiveness. It is also important that the translator and the client can communicate well.


To attain high quality it is required of the translator:

  • to only take on assignments he or she is competent for
  • to keeps promised quality, delivery times etc
  • to rather turn down an assignment than to promise too much!


The client needs to be clear about expectations:

  • what will the text be used for?
  • what is the target group?
  • required delivery time?
  • reference material, if available


Some advice for translation buyers

If you are not used to buying translation or linguistic services, you may find some useful information on one of the following links:

In English:

ITI: Getting it right – a guide to buying translation

Translation – Getting it right, courtesy of ITI

In Swedish:

SFOE: Things to consider when buying translations


SFOE: The profession of translator